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Gilded Anime and Other Wondrous Things
This blog is my personal blog mainly about anything on my mind but mostly anime.
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the-laughing-mans-ghost :  Hey I got two questions but before i ask, I just wanna say i love your blog its pretty great dude. and what do you use for your gifs? What program or what ever you use is that? and id love to know how you did the music thing on the top of your blog. Thank you

Sorry about the late reply and Thanks man it feels good to get messages like this it makes me want to continue making them. Even though I’m in the process of discontinuing my blog possibly. but as for the music I use “Groove Shark” you have to go into the HTML to use it, If you feel safe doing it because if you put it in wrong you can mess up the whole layout.  









I felt like I need to get something off my chest since I don’t have anyone to talk too. but ya know I’m starting to lose sympathy for people. i see people every now  and then getting depressed or just down on their luck, I see how they talk about how they can’t find anyone to talk to or people just use them and ignore them and treat them like shit. I feel like maybe I can be that person they can confide in maybe I can be their friend. but when they treat me just how those people treated them abd  I wonder why? They ignore me or dodge my questions or treat me like I did something wrong. When I did nothing but try to be their friend. I understand people develop trust issues over time I’m the same way judging people before fully knowing them.but unlike other people I take the time to get to know people eventually. 

It’s sad I feel like we live in this world where being genuine and honest is seen as creepy or not normal. Like we need to have a reason or ulterior motive to be nice and kind to people.  but like I said it’s not like I expect people to know the kind of person I am, I just wish people would get to know me before dropping me after few weeks. of course I know I’m not the most interesting person but still.. 

10 days!!! until I leave for Awa I need to stop procrastinating and finish my cosplay. Sadly I might have to strap one of them because it’s looking like the rest of it might not get here in time. Even though I ordered it like 6 weeks ago.