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Gilded Anime and Other Wondrous Things
This blog is my personal blog mainly about anything on my mind but mostly anime.
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I saw something on CNN where a teacher  gave his graduating class a commencement speech and he said “You’re not special” amongst other things. I’m sure a lot of people probably heard this and was like HOW COULD YOU?? but it was actually a breath of fresh air. Kids out here thinking the world should cater to them. They haven’t learned that most people don’t give a shit about their dreams or ambitions unless it benefits them in some way. but it shines a light on things, Why wait up we turn 18 to become a hard ass? and expect us to go from 5 - 30yrs over night. .

Older generations who raised us under these methods wonder why we think and do the things we do. Like if you was hard on us as children we wouldn’t be so pampered and ill-prepared for the world. Laughing at our generation that we don’t know how to speak, dress and act properly.and how we don’t know basic skills. Not realizing we are going to be the one running this country one day and taking care of you.  

Then we get out here trying to make a way for ourselves and get hit with brick wall. Instead of making us walk blindly into a world of uncertainty. Why not show us how things are from the get go and not sugarcoat things. People are so into hiding their kids from the reality of things it’s actually prolonging their maturity and understanding of life. 

I’m tired of finding out most things we learned in school was mostly useless. Why couldn’t they have showed us how to pay bills, how to read fine print, write checks, Set appointments, buying a car, house or even how to budget. or how to avoid getting sick by eating right and supplementing?Understanding how Insurance works and how to tell a scam and how not to get ripped off. 

A change of this magnitude is bigger than politics or social justice. It’s the means for our very survival and effectiveness to runs this country and the world.